L & L Jacobsen Farm is located in Hamilton County, Nebraska. We raise beef on our quality soils and abundant underground water, which allows us to maintain forage quality and performance during dry periods. We use a blend of cool season grasses and legumes on our pastures. We do not use implants or other artificial hormones, do not use antibiotics on our grass finished animals, and do not feed grain or grain by-products nor animal by-products. We are not certified organic, however we have not used commercial fertilizers for 2 years on our grass finishing pasture, and do not use herbicides on our pastures. We also are in the commercial hay business, which gives us a consistent source of quality alfalfa and other hays. We do not grow GMO alfalfa or feed GMOs. Our beef is available year around but we would need up to 8 weeks to accommodate special cutting instructions. It is available by the individual cut, or by quarters, half or whole beef. Our beef is processed in a USDA inspected plant and is vacuum packed for improved shelf life.
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Our cattle are born, raised and finished on grass or hay. No grain is fed and we use neither antibiotics nor synthetic hormones. We do not feed any ethanol by-products or animal by-products to our grass fed cattle. our herd is comprised of mostly Black Angus stock. 

For Delivery to Lincoln or Omaha simply check the "I will pick-up my order at the farm" option at checkout and request delivery to Lincoln or Omaha in the request field.

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